JPO Concepts: See inside our corporate event services


January 21, 2020

When thinking about putting together a successful corporate event, it’s undeniable that a detailed list of needed services run through your mind. Services like audio, video, lighting, decor, and countless levels of production must be executed at the high degree of synergy. It also needs to be a design that is unique to you and your company and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver that uniqueness. One of the companies that we collaborate with is JPO Concepts.

JPO concepts comes to us with a vision in mind and we make sure to bring their vision to life.

"A colleague recommended us to Eclipse in 2011…. After 8 years, they are still always our first call!" said Helah Kahati, JPO Concepts.

From the initial meeting until the day of the event, you can count on us to be able to provide you with top-notch services and products. One word to describe us is "STELLAR."

"Eclipse is professional & fun. And most importantly, extremely reliable. I think we have partnered on dozens (dare I say a hundred) events at this point." said Kahati.

JPO Concepts corporate event meeting

JPO hosts many events throughout the year and we are always there every step of the way. Whether you need one service from us or multiple services, ensure that you will be getting the best quality no matter if it's just one service.

"Eclipse always delivers and makes us look great."

Let us help you plan your next corporate event!