Here's an inside perspective in how we collaborate with event planners for your event


February 3, 2020

Need an event planner for your next event? Don't stress. We've got you covered! At Eclipse Events, we work hand-in-hand with various event planners across the tri-state.

From the initial walk through of an event space to sketching out your event, to planning out your furniture decor, lighting, entertainment, photography, video, and all the little details, we will work together to make your vision become a reality. One of our partner event planners, Joan Glenn, owner and lead designer of 6 Degrees of Celebration breaks down what it was like to collaborate with us on her first event with us.

Initial meeting

"My client Andrea and Fritz already came to us with you guys booked. I was initially concerned to work with vendors I did not know, especially with this wedding as the details and the design were so thought out and gorgeous. I wanted to make sure that it was all covered thoroughly, so I planned to have another photographer come in during the day to shoot the details. Once I saw Ryan and Justin start their shooting, I cancelled the other photographer because I felt confident that they got it. I was also concerned about working with photo and video that were under the entertainment umbrella. In so many cases, these vendors are subcontracted out and do not have a personal viable interest in the event. Ryan and Justin (and their team) were 100% invested in Andrea and Fritz's wedding." said Glenn.

The process

In addition, the process working with us from an event planner standpoint was nothing but... "SEAMLESS."

"We had a great pre-wedding planning meeting with your team (DJ/ Video / Photo) and every detail was reviewed and answered. Rich Rempusheski was always quick to reply to any questions through our pre-wedding detail call and very organized and professional in the execution of the event itself. Your team was on site early and had such attention to detail. We were always ahead or on schedule to the minute." said Glenn.

Client perspective

Andrea Baril and Fritz Kielblock were also very happy in how their vision of their wedding turned out. Their services from us included our CORE lighting package, DJ/entertainment, our mirrored DJ booth, photography, videography and co2 blasts and co2 cannons and lastly, a mirror me photo booth.

"We watched the video and cried twice! Justin is so good. I just want to hang with all of you again. We are going to have a dinner party and invite everyone." said Baril.