Five ways to WOW your guests for your event


June 29, 2023

At Eclipse Events, we definitely impress you and your guests. From grand sparklers, dancing on the clouds, confetti blasts, to co2 blasts and guns, we have it all. Whether you are looking for just one add on or all add ons, we can make it happen. Here's what we have to offer that will for sure leave your guests remembering your day.

Grand sparkler fountains

Let your day sparkle! You can choose up to six sparkler fountains per your request. They add that WOW factor and are a hit for both you and your guests on your day. They also look great in photos too!

Sparklers, lighting, video displays, DJ booth at Nanina's In the Park

Dancing on the clouds

One of the most elegant, yet magical add ons you can get is our dancing on the clouds machine. If you book dancing on the clouds, we bring a dry ice machine which produces a thick, white fog that hugs the dance floor and dissipates without rising. We bring out the dry out and place it into our machine as soon as you get ready for your first dance. You will literally feel like you are dancing on clouds. See an example below.

Couple first dance dancing on the clouds at Park Chateau, NJ

Confetti blasts

Our confetti blasts are definitely a way to spice up your event and have fun. We usually blast them off on the dance floor towards the middle of your night, when your guests are in full dance mode.

Bride and groom with confetti at Westmount Country Club wedding

Co2 guns and cannons

Our co2 cannons are attached to our DJ booth and during the course of your event will blast off 12 to 14 blasts. Our co2 gun is a handheld gun which is usually saved for a last dance set when everybody is on the dance floor and ready to go.

Couple with co2 dancing at Park Savoy NJ wedding

LED Robot

If you're looking for something different and something that will leave your guests on the dance floor, our LED Robot is a showstopper! Not only does the robot put on a show, but it does cool tricks like getting your guests dancing and may even get your guests to do the "limbo dance" like the picture below.

LED robot dancing with guests at Park Chateau, NJ

Whether you are planning a party or wedding, these add ons will for sure enhance your day!