We teamed up with Elegant Music Group to answer your COVID-19 questions


March 31, 2020

For those who have weddings or social events coming up, we understand the panic you are feeling and the worry that you may have to postpone your day especially now that social-distancing guidelines are extended to April 30th. Our Director of Operations Anthony Battista sat down with Tom Gambuzza, Executive Event Host at Elegant Music Group to discuss questions couples may have about Coronavirus and the entertainment industry.

What are your thoughts in terms of timing and events/postponing?

Tom: "All of April is certainly all postponed for us. I think late May/June may be a little too early to tell. For anybody that's late May and moving forward, I would do anywhere from like a 4 to 5 week rolling analysis and play by ear."

Anthony: "Personally, If I'm getting married in May, I'm moving my wedding, June I would wait to see how things play out. July I think you are in the clear, but take it day by day. Then the problem becomes if you wait too long you may lose dates."

If I need to postpone my event and the DJ/event host/band isn't available on that new date what happens?

Tom: "Thankfully, we've been able to save all of them. All of the postponements especially on the band size, I think clients are a little bit more inclined to consult with us first before locking in a new date. We've been able to keep the same person or upgrade because we have bands that are bigger/smaller."

What was the number one concern over postponing did you receive?

Tom: "The number one concern we got was, 'what if I have to move my date then what happens to my money'. So, we've decided to apply any payments that we received up until this point to a new date. We don't have any postponement fees or any other fees."

What do you think the future of the industry will look like?

Tom: "I think there will be more weekday events because the venues only have so many Saturdays and Sundays that they can offer. We've had a few movements to Mondays and Wednesdays. At least in the time being, I think in the next 12 months, we should expect that."

Anthony: "My hope is that clients at the end of May keep their wedding. My fear is how will people respond with guest list size, are people going to be comfortable with being together again."

You can watch the full interview below:

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If you have a wedding in the near future, we’re here to support you through the entire process. And if you do have to postpone your wedding, we can also promise that it’s going to be just as memorable and fun as you imagined - just at a date a little later than you expected.

To learn more about our protocols and the actions we are taking as a company, click here. For new clients looking to inquire about an event go to our contact page and we will be in touch with you to start planning your special day.

Stay positive and healthy and let's get through this together! #keepdancing

-The Team at Eclipse Events