Why you should consider booking a same-day edit wedding film


March 1, 2021

You may be saying to yourself, what exactly is a same-day edit and why do I need it? Basically, a same-day edit is exactly what it sounds like. It's a cinematic 3 to 4 minute film that tells your story of the wedding day as it unfolds in front your eyes from the bride and groom's perspective. It includes video footage from all the moments of your event, from you getting ready, to ceremony, to reception and first dance. Our cinema team is there with you the entire day from start to finish. The end product, well, let's just say.....will leave you in tears.

The process

So, the process of booking a same-day edit is simple. We here at Eclipse Events, will sit down with you one on one before your day to determine what style you are looking for and the major shots that you prefer or want. We also determine the best times for our team to be with you on the day of. From there, our cinema team will put your details in our final form.

The wedding day

And then when it comes to the actual day of your event, we literally bring our gear and editing software to the actual venue and edit your film there as the day is passing by. Justin Yoast, our creative director is the one who obtains all your footage and edits it into a nicely finished 3 to 4 minute film. For same-day edits, they require a lot of pressure and work, but don't worry, these same-day edits are something that we excel at and our same-day edits have taken us into new heights within our company.

While your wedding is flashing in front of your eyes, you will usually have two cinematographers working alongside you capturing your moment, plus Justin. They will not be rushing you at all, it will be the same time frame as your day progresses where we would normally shoot. At the venue, those cinematographers then exchange the raw footage with Justin, who will be editing your same day edit film. Justin then works in a room by himself gathering and organizing all of your footage and editing it altogether for you piece by piece.

The experience

Normally around cake cutting time is when your film is all done and ready to be shown. Our team places your wedding film on a flash drive and gives to your production team to have it display on your TV screens.

"The last shots added to the edit normally happen about 20 minutes before it's shown live at the wedding. I call it the 'render and run' time, when I quickly save everything and run it down to the production team. We test everything together before it's played." said Yoast.

Your event host will then shut off the lights, gather two chairs for you to sit on in front of the TV's and invite all of your guests to watch your film around you. It lasts 3 to 4 minutes and then you are back to dancing the rest of the night.

"I take pride in the fact that you don't lose quality in the film for the sake of seeing it the same day. This is not a music video, or a boring linear cut, this is the story of your wedding day. The reaction from the couple and the guests make the added stress all worth it. I love hearing the audible gasps, laughs, and tears from all the family and friends as they watch it for the first time together." said Yoast.

So, if you are contemplating whether or not you should book a same-day edit, you should consider two things. One is that a same-day edit brings a unique energy to your room. Watching your day unfold in front of your eyes surrounded by all your loved ones, is PRICELESS. And second, if you don't want to wait a few months to get your wedding video, this is a good option. See a sample of one of our same-day edit films below.

You may hear that a same-day edit is not worth it and it's just a rush, sloppy edit of your day that gets thrown together. Definitely NOT the case at Eclipse Events. Trust us when we say that the end process will leave you in tears and blown away.

"I cannot say enough about Justin and his team, our cinematography for our day. Justin just like Anthony made us feel welcomed and like family. He is upbeat and fun, and his work is next to none. I have seen other same-day edits and perhaps we are a tad prejudice but his work his stellar. Working with all the team members at Eclipse was carefree and easy. You can certainly see they enjoy their jobs." said Jeffrey and Christina Dean.

See samples of our other same day edits films below: