Photo Booths: Which Option Is Right for You?


July 5, 2023

Interested in having a photo booth? Not sure which one is best suited for your event? This guide will walk you through all of our different types of photo booths & each of their features for you to decide which one is the perfect fit.

Mirror Me

Our most popular and most requested booth is our "mirror me". This full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface. It comes with a white ornate frame with LED lights around the framing. It is fully touch screen & takes guests through an interactive experience. Upon booking, it includes props, continuous printing, custom 4x6 prints for the entire event & you will have an on-site attendant to help any guests.

For the actual screen, we create what we call a "welcome screen" where guests are first greeted. This consists of a "touch here to start" button, as well as custom text. For weddings, typically the text is the couples names and for parties or corporate events we can rename it to your event name as you prefer. Once guests touch to start, you get 3 takes of a photo per session. The onsite attendant is there directing you and your guests on where to look & stand. On each photo session, you will be greeted with fun interactive graphics/pop up animations. You can even customize your layout by adding your signature or fun emojis! At the end of the session, guests will have the option to print up to 3 copies and even text the photos to their cell to keep the memories forever!

All of the photos will be digitally delivered to the client within a week via email to view. Click here to see our mirror me booth in action!

Mirror Me Photo Booth


Our newest option for 2022 is our iBooth!

This booth looks just like an iPhone, hence the name! It has all of the same exact features above as our mirror me, however it was created to be more sleek and elegant with edge to edge glass. This is perfect if you want a booth that stands out from the rest and has a more modern feel. This booth also comes with an on-site attendant and you can fit up to 8 to 10 guests per photo session.


Photo Lounge

Our photo lounge is perfect for a more traditional event. Guests have the option of taking photos in color, black and white or sepia & are greeted with a custom welcome screen. It can print in 2x6 or 4x6 photos & includes an on-site attendant, props and text messaging technology.

Photo Lounge Booth

Glam Booth

The Glam Booth is the ultimate experience for those looking for a celebrity type look for their prints.

This booth takes one black and white only photo against a matte backdrop. We combine great lighting, with a clean matte backdrop to give you stunning photos. This booth has the same features as our photo lounge, however it is strictly for those looking for the black and white look. Upon booking, it includes an attendant, 4x6 prints, text messaging & props.

Social Booth

Our social booth offers a completely digital option!

It allows guests to create cutting-edge GIF's, BOOMERANGS, or videos to share. Their favorite shots are instantly texted to them. It has a built in LED ring to enhance the sessions. Helping keep the costs down, so there are no props or attendant are included. They can, however, always be added!

Roaming Social Booth

No longer do you have to wait in line for a photo booth! Our roaming social booth is the same booth as our social booth, but just mobile! It is an amazing option as an add on. Roaming photo booths come directly to you via our on-site attendant.

Roaming Social Booth

360 Spin Booth

Stand on a platform and let our 360 create magic! Your guests can dance, pose and have fun with this one. It features an open-air setting, captures the video with a custom graphic and sends to guests on-site. Two attendants are included on-site, one to operate the computer and the other to help guests. We can do glitter, flowers, etc.. to throw. We also can add four custom printed canvases that creates almost like an outer wall for the platform around the outside so it's not open-air. We also take a photo of each group that enters the booth and we give them a 4x6 print out.

360 Spin Booth

A Photo Booth Is Worth It & Fun

You’ll want to document as much of your event as you can & a photo booth can do that perfectly. There’s also something about a photo booth that brings out the creative & fun side of people and those are the things you’ll most want to remember about the guests you’ve chosen to share your special day with!