Here's a breakdown of our lighting options


June 29, 2023

Without question lighting allows you to transform your room and brings in a visual appeal sometimes missing in certain venues or spaces. For every event, we assign a professional lighting technician to every lighting job we book. Our lighting packages can range from wireless LED uplights, to our intelligent lighting towers, to custom name in lights design to pin spot and bistro/string lighting, we literally light up your day. (pun intended) See a breakdown and example of all the different ways you can light your venue.

Wireless LED uplights

With the use of our 6 color wireless LED lights, we can illuminate your room in any color, temperature or intensity. By placing these small, white, fixtures around the room we achieve a look that is unmatched by other lighting options.

uplighting at ryland inn nj wedding venue

Intelligent lighting towers
Intelligent lighting towers are used to create a certain atmosphere and vibe as guests are relaxing and then turn it up a notch during dance-sets. They look like pillars next to our DJ booth.

intelligent lighting towers at park savoy nj wedding venue

Custom name in lights design

​Our name in lights design can be produced to replicate any design you desire. You can choose if you want your name in lights on the wall and your date. It's all custom pending on your request. We also have some examples that you can choose from a pre-populated list inside our portal once you become a client.

name in lights design at naninas in the park nj wedding venue

Pin-spot lighting

​Pin-spot lighting is exactly how it sounds. We focus a small light to enhance a particular object. It highlights and makes your centerpieces and or decor for your event stand out. It really makes centerpieces POP and come to life.

Bistro/string lighting

Another unique aspect to lighting, are string lights. You can often seen them in older venues or a rustic looking venue. These lights create a romantic atmosphere perfect for any occasion.

Learn more about pricing options for lighting by giving us a call. We look forward to working with you on your next event.